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A nice day for a black wedding… but a wedding coffin

Wedding Coffin

If you are contemplating a gothic style wedding then you may have been visualising a gothic style dress and some heavy eyeshadow but I dont suppose you thought about arriving to your big day in a hearse.

That is exactly what couple Julie Williams, 45, and Dylon Holroyd, 49, did recently when they had an extreme gothic wedding.  Their guests were dressed as if attending a funeral rather than a wedding which was rather appropriate because the bride arrived in a black lined coffin.  She might be forgiven for this one day of fun (or madness) but the wedding coffin has made it into her home and now takes pride of place on her coffee table.

Julie (or Morticia to her friends) walked her fiance down the aisle with none other than a dog collar attached to his neck.  I dont think he had any plans of escaping however as he must have been as nutty as her.  I still cannot get my head around why somebody would want to phone around the local funeral directors for their wedding transport.

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  1. jamie says:

    i my self am having a gothic wedding on holloween 2009 in a castle but not sure if i owuld go to them extreames besides it would scare the children but fantastic idea

  2. Silke says:

    great idea ;)
    i think i would wear a white ruffled burial-shroud and hold the bride-bouquet between my folded hands.

  3. genovive says:

    are you guys crazy?? id never ever wanna look like im dead when i get married!! surely marriage is a celebration of love and life? so why look like a rotting corpse?? hmmmm. its all a bit sick. but hey, if your happy to look back on yer pics in years to come and feel happy that you all look like satans sisters then, thats obviously your perogative. just not for me.

  4. Danielle says:

    omg that is pretty gross, a gothic wedding is awesome but a bride in a coffin is a bit gross and horrable! wat if she got locked in the coffin! the bride could have been mistaken for a dead corpse and could have been burried alive! or half dead?

  5. josh says:

    genovive and Danielle what is wrong with yall? that is the sweetest thing i have ever heard of doing… not what yall said but showing up to my wedding in a coffin… what better way to represent love then to have a representation that you will be together not only at the start but also beyond the sweet end… and also if you dont think that that is amamzing why are you even talking? i hate you freaking posers that see us as nothing more than an abomination and as you said satans sisters if you cant see that death is such a great part of our life that the priveleged few enjoy, then why are you even comenting on this, you have no right… i hope you dont call yourself gothic… because all you are is pathetic and its people like you that make our lives hard… shut up and stop pretending. THE LOVE WE GOTHS SHARE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ANYTHING YOU COULD EVER, EVER HAVE.

  6. Brian says:

    Wow!I think it’s a very cool way to get married. I hope they rolled the coffin with the bride in it down the aisle! LOL I like wedding where people do fun things!

  7. amber says:

    so im engaged, and i was browsing around the web looking for wedding ideas and i stumbled across this image. i dont think iv ever seen or heard of anything more romantic. To some this may seem a little dramatic but to me it’s amazing. its true that when goths fall in love its not only for life, its ETERNAL. i’ll love my fiance not only in this life but in the next, we plan to be burried together, i wont ever seperate from him. Death is such a natural and beautiful part of living. it upsets me that not so many people look at it that way but as “sick”. it really is upsetting. congratulations on the marriage, i hope it lasts for an eternity.

  8. haley says:

    Each to their own. I think Its a cool idea if thats what your into. i have an obsession with the past so im having a totally crazy retro wedding with bright colors, tattoos and a staffy as my flower girl!! if anuy one says anything they can get stuffed. its not there wedding and they dont have to come!

  9. christina says:

    wow i believe that is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen done i have always wanted my wedding on holloween at midnight and no white is allowed and for all you goth haters get used to us we are not leaving just because it makes the mortals uncomfortable. XP

  10. Kenny Fillingham says:

    I am currently doing some research into unique and special weddings and these photos look great! If anyone is planning to get married this year (2010) in a similar fashion could they please get in contact with me? Your help would be much appreciated!

    Thanks, Kenny.

  11. Penny says:

    I saw several more pictures of this wedding on a site that is dedicated to ‘tacky’ weddings. Depending on how ceremonial proceedings and wardrobe are handled, a Goth wedding can look rather romantic in a dark way, or it can look like the planners raided Party City stores at Halloween time. This one fell somewhere in the middle. I think black and red are a striking combination. For my own wedding my husband and his best man and my man-of-honor (yes, the best gay buddy ever) all wore solid black with crimson ties. I was adamant about wearing a crimson dress because it’s my favorite color and the one I wear best. This was in a traditional church setting, and our photographs turned out beautifully! It wasn’t Goth, but I believe in the strength to break away from society’s pressure to have a ‘white’ wedding if you want something different. What matters most are the promises you’ll be making with your loved one, and the recognition of a most special commitment.

  12. Syn says:

    I beleive this to be the most beautiful thing I have seen at a wedding, I myself want a gothic wedding, and this is a huge inspiration. To those of you who think that this is gross or abnormal it is close minded people like you that make the world gross, and a horable place to live in. you are no more then like minded people who will never gain any pleasure in this life or the next because you cannot open your eyes to anything that is not your standard of love, beauty, or normalicy. answer me one question if you cannot you need to seal your lips and not make judgemental comments the question is simply this: what is normal? is there such a thing?

  13. Tony D says:


  14. James says:

    I understand the whole ‘Goth’ thing as it pertains to rock music, but isn’t the idea of ‘Goth’, when not pertaining to rock music, suppose to be the celebration or representation of death while still living, so to speak. I obviously see in the photo that she is arriving in a coffin, last time I checked, coffins are not traditionally in weddings. In my opinion, a ‘Goth’ wedding makes no sense, go down to your local court house or w/e and get the papers signed down there, don’t make a mockery of something people have traditionally celebrated for many years.

  15. James says:

    o ya, FYI, ‘normal’ is what people have been doing for THOUSANDS of years, I guess if you needed a one word answer, ‘normal’ would be translated to ‘traditional’, for you open minded people out there who just want to be different, realize that the different path your taking, is the same path many others have taken before, it was just never successfully because most people like traditional, its what they know, and for those that are different, realize that your not different, your just plain weird, but its your life. Me, personally, if you wanted a far out and crazy wedding, go to Vegas.

  16. Devi says:

    Aww I think it’s so cute, and they look happy so who cares what anyone else thinks? Honestly, I’m planning on having a not so traditional wedding myself, especially since I think that when it comes to a wedding, it’s what the people getting married wants. Sure some people may not agree but at the end of the day it isn’t what YOU want, so get over it instead of chastising people for not conforming to your specific ideals.

  17. Aislin says:

    When my husband and I got married we were wed in a cemetery. I had a red dress and my husband was in full black metal battle rattle.We chase to get married in the cemetery both because it was a place we had gone frequently when we first met and to represent a love that transcends this life.


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